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Commercial Collection Consultants, Inc.-New York was founded in 1987. CCC-NY was derived with the need for a significant place in the industrial collection market in the Northeast. Located in Massapequa, NY, CCC-NY is both equidistant from Manhattan and the high-tech market here on Long Island. This unique location affords CCC-NY the opportunity to have a major presence representing most of the industrial clientele in the Northeast.

CCC-NY's new Internet Client Link Technology will provide our customers with easy access to a wide range of account information and resource data to better improve both performance and service for our valued customer base. Working under the aegis of the New York Institute of Credit and other educational facilities, our management personnel in our New York office have had an exclusive opportunity to educate many credit managers throughout the New York Metropolitan area. However, we still maintain the "old work ethic" in providing our clients with personally dictated correspondence (no form letters) and occasional debtor visits where appropriate. Our free consulting service includes reorganization of credit departments, policies and procedures, and up to date educational news letters in Your Marketplace.

While most of our sales personnel have a previous credit management background, we maintain that our best salesperson is a recommendation from one of our clients to another prospect in their industry. Commercial Collection Consultants, Inc., from its inception in 1980, has made the total commitment to customer satisfaction. This is our foremost goal.

CCC's philosophy has always been to achieve the highest yield in the shortest time frame possible.

Long Island, New York


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